The Citrine Citadel


Most of the operations here in the workshop are tracked on our local git server which can be browsed online. All the work here is free as in freedom which means you are free to use, study, change and share these projects with others.

Project list


Cdecl99 is a tool to help construct or understand complicated C declarations. Inspired by the venerable cdecl, which predates C’s standardization in 1989, cdecl99 implements more or less the same concept but for modern C.

GObject Builder

GObject Builder (gob-dx) is a preprocessor that generates much of the boilerplate associated with implementing GObjects in C.

Picard Plugins

I maintain a variety of extensions which make the MusicBrainz Picard tagger even better than it already is.

RARP Daemon

Reverse-ARP (RARP) is a largely-obsolete protocol for autoconfiguring IPv4 hosts on a local network. For environments that still need it (e.g., to netboot older Sun workstations), rarpd-dx is a simple server which responds to RARP requests.


RRace is a slide puzzle racing game. The goal is to re-arrange coloured tiles in the game area to create the objective pattern as quickly as possible.


Slotifier is a simple program which takes an Excellon drill file input, searches for overlapping drill hits, and generates a new drill file with those hits converted to a single slot (G85 entry in the drill file).